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04. Property Crimes


Technically, burglary can be charged when one enters a building (or even a vehicle) with the intention to commit a felony. The felony does not necessarily need to be theft though - it could be any felony. First degree burglary (entering a residence with the intention of committing a felony), usually puts a strike on your record. Second degree burglary is entering another type of building, such as a business, with the intention to commit a felony. Entering a car can also qualify as second-degree burglary.

Considering that even the most minor burglary charge can land you behind bars, defendants cannot afford to face these types of charges without representation. Macedonio & DUncan is here to provide the aggressive and effective representation to help. We’ll make sure you understand the details of the charges against you as well as your legal rights and options. We sincerely care about every client’s future and provide top-quality advice geared towards obtaining the best possible resolution to your case.

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If you or someone you know has been arrested or charged of robbery, you need to contact an experienced robbery defense attorney who will carefully review your case and provide you with the best representation possible. At Macedonio & Duncan, we have decades of experience in defending clients burglary and robbery charges.

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