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Getting a Divorce? Stay Off of Facebook

Social media is now more prevalent than ever before. In a society that has been distanced over the past year due to COVID-19, staying connected is more important than ever. But while social media has undoubtedly added to our lives in many ways, it can also have negative consequences for those going through a divorce. Here are just three reasons to stay off your Facebook, Instagram, and other social media accounts.

1. Things Can Be Misconstrued

While you may think that what you are posting is a simple picture or a simple statement, it can often be taken out of context and interpreted in a negative light. With emotions running high amid divorce, even the most benign things can be misconstrued. 

2. It Can Be Used to Try to Prove Infidelity

One of the biggest concerns among couples dealing with divorce is whether or not the other has been faithful to them. Things that you put on social media can be used as evidence when you are being cross-examined or trying to settle with the other party. If one spouse can use what you put on social media as evidence of an extramarital affair, it can certainly impact the outcome of the divorce.

3. What You Put Online Will Live There Permanently

You may think that your information and posts are protected from others because of your privacy settings. However, each social media platform stores all data in its own “bank,” and can therefore access it at any time – even after you think you’ve deleted it. Once something is put online you can never truly undo it. Additionally, it’s important that you don’t go about deleting your accounts as this could be considered tampering with evidence. 

There are several ways in which the things you put online could come back to bite you. It can be used against you to show that you:

  • You are hiding assets
  • You lied in your testimony
  • You behaved inappropriately
  • You have demonstrated inconsistent behaviors or lifestyle
  • You have poor parenting abilities
  • There are other issues related to your divorce/child custody

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