Long Island Criminal Defense Attorney

Being arrested and charged with a crime is a serious matter. A conviction can result in lasting repercussions, from imprisonment to fines to reputational harm. When your freedom and future are on the line, that’s the time to contact the criminal defense lawyers at Macedonio and Duncan, LLP. 

Our practice is dedicated to protecting the rights of criminal defendants throughout Suffolk County, New York. If you are facing criminal charges, the odds are stacked against you. Local, state, and federal prosecutors have access to vast financial and investigative resources that gives them an unfair advantage over the accused. Our criminal defense team has the skills and experience to level the playing field. 

Regardless of the charges you are facing, we will provide you with powerful representation when you need it most. Our trial lawyers have a proven history of achieving positive outcomes in both state and federal court. Above all, we will always work in your best interests and fight for your rights. Contact our Islip Terrace office today to speak with an experienced criminal defense attorney. 

Criminal Offenses Handled By Macedonio and Duncan, LLP

We are highly experienced in defending clients against a wide range of criminal offenses, including:

Our lead attorneys are former prosecutors who understand the tactics the opposing side will use to gain a conviction. Once you become our client, we will take the time to understand the charges you are facing, conduct an extensive investigation, and choose the best line of defense. When your freedom is on the line, trust the team at Macedonio and Duncan to aggressively defend you and protect your rights.

Why You Need a Suffolk County Criminal Defense Attorney

If you have been arrested and taken into custody, you have a right to an attorney. As soon as you contact us, we get to work by representing you at the arraignment. This is your first court appearance before a judge at which you are formally charged and allowed to enter a plea. We will try to secure your release, which is more likely today because of bail reforms in New York State. 

In any event, we believe it is crucial to get back to your normal routine and to be available to fully participate in preparing your case. Our attorneys will help you understand your rights, explain the charges against you, and advise you of all your options. Rest assured, we will make your freedom our cause. 

Innovative Criminal Defense Strategies at Macedonio and Duncan

A successful defense strategy has three critical components: investigation, evidence collection, and preparation. We start with the police report, not only to understand the facts of the case but to look for potential mistakes by law enforcement:

  • Did the police fail to read you the Miranda Warnings (“You have the right to remain silent…”)?
  • Did law enforcement obtain evidence with a defective search warrant?
  • Did interrogators use harsh tactics, threats, or intimidation to force you to confess?

If any of the above are true, we can work to either have the case dismissed or evidence suppressed, which will weaken the prosecution’s case against you. 

Our criminal defense attorneys routinely collaborate with seasoned private investigators to collect, preserve and evaluate evidence and then document all items that are relevant to your case. We also rely on forensic experts to challenge the validity of laboratory results and scientific evidence gathered by the police.

Suffolk County Trial Lawyers Fighting for Justice

At Macedonio and Duncan, we are highly adept at all aspects of criminal proceedings from conducting pretrial investigations, to preparing and filing all required legal motions, to defending our clients at trial. 

Our legal team will consider all potential defenses to the charges against you and work to present evidence of your innocence. Obviously, the strongest defense is an alibi — you were not at the scene at the time the alleged crime was committed. Another possible defense is mistaken identity because eyewitnesses have been shown to be unreliable. Another way to refute the charges is to develop alternative theories of the crime.

While we are committed to winning an acquittal, depending on your individual circumstances, we may recommend seeking a reduction of the charges and penalties. At all times, we will provide you with trustworthy advice so you can make informed decisions about your defense and your future. 

Contact Our Experienced Suffolk County Criminal Defense Lawyers

If you are facing criminal charges, don’t go it alone. Turn to Macedonio and Duncan instead. When you become our client, you will have peace of mind knowing that our experienced criminal defense attorneys are on your side. The sooner you contact our office, the sooner we can start defending your freedom.